Church History


Green Memorial United Methodist Church (Aquadale Methodist) first began in the early 1920’s in an old school house which stood just a few feet east of the present build­ing. The first minister was Rev. R. A. Swarngen who was stationed in Albemarle. He came once or twice a month to hold worship services.

The real mother churches of Green Memorial were Cottonville Methodist and Rehobeth Methodist. Rehobeth was first known as a German Lutheran Society, but then according to church records in 1849 the society split over the issue of slavery, the church was renamed Rehobeth Methodist Episcopal Church South and founded upon approximately nine acres of land. Camp meet­ings were held each year beginning the second Sunday in October (a church homecoming is still celebrated on this date) lasting two to six weeks. Tents or camp sites were set up in a cir­cle around an “Old Brush Arbor” where the services were held. The last camp meeting was held in 1885. In 1920 a cyclone completely destroyed the building, taking the entire framework down to the floor but leaving the pulpit standing. After Rehobeth and Cottonville churches were consolidated in 1925. Rehobeth was rebuilt, remains in good repair and its life and tradition is maintained by the holding of monthly worship services, the homecoming mentioned above and occa­sional type services such as funerals. The Cottonville church first began holding wor­ship services in 1902 and built a new church in 1906 which included a parsonage. There was a “singing school.” the first of its type in the area, held in 1909 by a Professor Jordan. In 1925 when the churches were consolidated, the Cottonville property was sold and the money went into the Aquadale church treasury.

Rev. R. H. Cornelius served as pastor when the first plans were drawn up for the present sanctuary. Land was bought from the county Board of Education for the sum of $550.00. The deed was made to W. L. Mann, A. J. Green. T. C. Poplin, and L. T. Poplin, trustees of Aquadale Methodist Episcopal Church South and their successors. It was dated May 8. 1924 and witnessed by Charles A. Reap, Superintendent of Stanly County Schools.

In 1928. at the time the building was ded­icated. the current pastor, Rev. J. Max Bran­don suggested the church be renamed Green Memorial Methodist Church South in honor of Andrew Jackson Green.

In 1969 under the leadership of Rev. Fred Shinn as building chairman, the education building was constructed adding a fellowship hall, kitchen, library, three classrooms, two restrooms and a choir loft. In 1976 rooms on either side of the choir loft were also added.


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