The Tradition Continues

Happy Birthday Darril

On Saturday, May 2, 2015 Darril Harward celebrated his 75th birthday with a party given by his cousin Tim Huneycutt and Tim’s wife, Irene, at their home on Chapel Road.  This tradition has been continuing year after year for at least 25 years.  Darril grew up in Green Memorial and continues as a member.  He is one of our shut-ins. 

 Daryl is the son of the late Shellie Harward and the late A Banks Poplin Harward.  His siblings are Caron Harward Lowder, Jerry Harward, and Roger Harward.

Darril,Tim, Caron, Jerry, and Roger are the grandchildren of Tillman Crowder Poplin and Estelle Mabry Poplin.  Crowder, as we called him, was one of the 4 founding trustees of Aquadale Methodist Episcopal Church South, when the land our  church sits on was purchased from the Stanly County School Board on May 8, 1924.   The church was renamed Green Memorial Methodist Church when the building was completed in 1928.

Pictures of Darril at his Birthday Party

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Family, Friends, & Food

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